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D.U.C Triple Cask French Whisky

D.U.C is a French whisky 🥃 born from an encounter between an artist and two distillers who share a common PASSION for whisky. Combining artistic creativity and French TRADITION, that of the distillation of Maison DAUCOURT, D.U.C is a symbol. Like its creators, D.U.C Whisky embodies AMBITION, accomplishment, independence, freedom, and is inspired by an international culture. It represents a lifestyle, and a philosophy: Go to the end of oneself, to conquer one’s own crown. Producers Note: On the nose: sweetness of candied fruit, apricot, and plum. Pleasant notes of orange blossom accompanied by a touch of vanilla. On the palate: An approach of finely peated malted cereal, and a subtle oakiness, that gives way to notes of French pastry and caramelized dessert. Delicate and greedy at the end of the mouth, reminiscent of cocoa, dried orange peel and hazelnut. D.U.C is a whisky full of character, always leaving you to crave another sip!

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