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swiss whisky

JOHNETT  relies entirely on regional resources. Local mash made from barley malt, prepared by the Baar brewery, distillation in the Etter house, spring water from the nearby Höllgrotten in Baar and oak barrels from the quality winery Rosenau near Lucerne play together. This delicacy combines regionality, authenticity and high quality into a coherent whole.


"Edition Himmelberg", a single malt that combines a wide range of spicy flavours into a unique pleasurable experience. The secret lies in transferring it from a beer cask into various wine casks.


Fruity on the nose, with spicy and woody aromas on the palate, which combine with the malty sweetness.


With the idea of ​​reviving the well-known AVO Jazz Session, a new series of AVO Jazz “Club” sessions and this wonderful whiskey were created in collaboration with Davidoff.


The Langatun "Avo Jazz" single malt whiskey has an incredibly complex harmony, which comes through the characters of the three selected barrel types; namely the fruitiness and freshness of the Chardonnay barrel, the broad fruitiness of the sherry barrel and the sweetness and spiciness of the Châteaneuf-du-Pape barrel.


3303 m above sea level M. - at this height is one of the most beautiful viewing platforms in the Upper Engadine. It is exactly the height of the Corvatsch mountain station near Silvaplana and that puts us in the middle of an exciting and unusual project that involves two visionaries and liquid gold. The two visionaries are Rinaldo Willy and Pascal Mittner. That have decided to build a new whiskey distillery in this unique setting.

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