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Marcel Nussbaumer Wine & Spirits is in the business of buying and selling bottles of whisky and other spirits and fine wines.


Collectors sell or prune for many reasons, sometimes it’s an entire collection for health, estate or liquidity issues. Most of the time, however, it’s the pruning of a collection that has been built up over a lifetime. The bottom line is, the secondary market is a great place to find older wines at prices that rival auction, without waiting or the risk of losing the whisky to a higher bidder. 

If you’re not a drinker and have inherited an old collection, or were gifted an exceptional vintage that you have no intention of imbibing, consider me!

To begin the appraisal process, please prepare an inventory of your whisky, spirits or wine that includes the name of every producer, distillery, vintage, vineyard or proprietary name, quantity on hand, bottle size, and bottle condition. (Excel is preferred). All wine must have a defined provenance, and documentation and/or purchase receipts may be required.  Please use the contact form below if you have any questions or require any assistance with this process.


The pick up is personal and discreet by appointment.  You can also come by my office and submit your spirits or wine to me for evaluation. For this, it is necessary that you make an appointment.


Download Form:

Please use this form if you like to submit your Wine or Spirits to us for an Estimate.

Download our Pricelist:

This is not a full inventory list, please contact me below if you are looking for something special.

Pricelist February 2022


If you want to purchase any Wine or Spirits, please contact me by the form below! I will be in Touch with you as soon as possible.

Thanks! Message sent.

Age Limit:

The selling and delivery of wine and spirits can only be made to persons over the age of 18 years. The customer confirms with the order on to be of age.

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