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Pirouette Restaurant, Les Halles - Paris

Dinner at Pirouette Restaurant, Paris France. Pirouette, located on a lively square near Les Halles, with several restaurants and bars nearby. A modern look with a cozy vibe and featuring a great Wine list with average prices. I always like if the menu is just one page, a few appetizers, main courses, desserts, which is always a sign that the food is fresh. The Waiter explained the menu and recommended the three-course menu for me (it was to late to order the Tasting menu). The timing of my three courses was well timed, First I received a complimentary “amuse bouche”, served on a rock. For my Appetizer, I chose the gnocchi filled with cep mushrooms and peanuts, malt vinegar jelly. My second course was the Codfish en papillote, coconut, and green curry broth, with smoked vegetables. And for my dessert, I chose the Lemon Sorbet served on a bed of diced green apples and aloe fruit accompanied with aloe-vera foam sprinkles of matcha powder and red pepper. Each dish was exceptional on his own. The ingredients of each dish worked well together and made the dishes complete.

For my wine this evening I chose a glass of Givry 1er Cru ‘Clos du Cras Long’ 2015, Domaine Danjean-Berthoux. I really enjoyed my dinner at the Pirouette and the modern French cuisine! Hope to be back.

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