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3 Mountains road trip

Today it was a perfect autumn day, warm and with a clear blue Sky. So, I decided to make a little Road trip through the Swiss Alps, I started out in Unterägeri. The drive took me along beautiful Lake Ageri to Sattel, Schwyz and Brunnen. Then along lake Lucerne to Erstfeld, Andermatt, and Realp. In Realp I took a right turn, which leads me up to Furka Pass (elev. 2'431m). This Road is also Famously known as the James Bond Street and is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Once we made it over the top we started to make our descent down to Belvedere, this is

where you find the Rhone Glacier and Ice Caves. A small Coffee shop is located in the parking lot. The entry to go into the Ice Caves is for adults CHF 9.00, Children under 5 years are free, Children 5 - 16 years CHF 6.00. The Ice Cave is at 2300m above see level.

Rhone Glacier

Hotel Belvedere

Ice Cave, Rhone Glacier

My next Mountain was Grimsel wit an elevation of 2165m. At the Top is also a Restaurant. The Grimsel Pass was already known as an alpine transition in Roman times . The importance as an important trade route (Lucerne-Milan ) is confirmed by the order of 12 August 1397.

My third Mountain Pass today was Susten Pass wit an elevation of 2224m. The existence of a footpath on the Susten Pass is documented only in the beginning of the 17th century. He never presented a major trade route. Today the Susten Pass is one of the most popular passes in Switzerland

Susten Pass

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