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Scotland largest region has a wide variety of malt whiskies. Those from the north have maritime character. Whereas central Highland whiskies are lighter bodied.

Glenmorangie The Original 10 years old,40% alc. vol.

The 'original' sets a high standard for Highland whisky and has gone from strength to strength. Medium-bodied and gently warming, with pleasant spicy notes. 

Original is the core bottling in the Glenmorangie range, released to replace the old 10-year-old. This really is a classic malt, so creamy and fruity.

Nose: Very fruity and thick. Rich notes of lemon, nectarine and apple. Spices.

Palate: Fresh and balanced, vanilla. Boiled sweets, very creamy, tiramisu, toffee.

Finish: Quite long, gentle, malty and very fruity.

Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 years old, 43% alc. vol.

This 12-year-old, Sherry cask finished expression from Glenmorangie, the Lasanta, bottled at a slightly lower ABV of 43% (originally it was bottled at 46%). It first matures in bourbon casks before being moved over to Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks for a finishing period. Plenty rich and creamy with dark chocolate, dried fruit and fresh honey.


Producer`s Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Like the most delicious dessert menu imaginable, Lasanta taunts the senses with chocolate covered raisins, honeycomb and smooth caramel toffee. Citrus notes clear the way for the crispy burnt sugar and melting softness of crème brulee to be replaced by the rich aroma of rum and raisin ice cream.

The addition of water to Lasanta exposes another menu of juicy dates and caramelised apricots whose sweetness is offset with hazelnut and walnut oil. Notes of dessert sherry wine emerge, mixed with spice and linseed oil to give a sense of cosiness and age-old comfort

Taste: The full, sweet flavour typical of Spanish sherry with sultanas, orange segments, walnuts and butter toffee. The bite of hazelnut tasted through a chocolate coating, spice notes and hints of leather add the overwhelming sense of richness.

Glenmorangie quinta ruban 
12 years old, 46% alc. vol.

Glenmorangie's Quinta Ruban was upgraded in late 2010 and is now sporting a 12yo age statement where previously there was none. Quinta Ruban is Glenmorangie's port finish. To craft this single malt they specially selected Port pipes from the Douro valley in Portugal.

Nose: Full of winter berries and a touch of port. A good oak and a little cereal hanging in the substratum.

Palate: Sweet and thick. The port note is chewy and rich with notes of barley sugar and cereal and lots of juicy fruit and berries, a tad cloying.

Finish: Long and fruity and quite sweet.

Glenmorangie nectar d'or 
12 years old, 46% alc. vol.

Nectar D`Or is probably a reference to the golden nectar that was previously held in the casks used to finish the whisky. This is a sauternes finished single malt from the Glenmorangie distillery, a fruity, vinous release from the Highland distillery.


Nose: The nose is full of dessert wines, a little fruitiness with a good barley sweetness. A mix of honey and apricots skins.

Palate: Quite full with more dessert wine notes, with cereal notes and barley. A touch of malty spice and berry fruits with good oak-y tannins develops.

Finish: Long with a good helping of oak. MOre apricot skins and dessert wines linger.

Dalwhinnie 15 years old, 
43% alc. vol.

Dalwhinnie 15yo is a good introduction to the delights of single malt whisky – elegant, smooth and medium-bodied, with a light, fruity palate and a whiff of heather on the finish. Part of Diageo's Classic Malt range. Awarded 95 points in Jim Murray`s Whisky Bible.


Nose: Aromatic, toffee, fruit salad, lush nectarine, custard. Floral, apple blossom, honeysuckle. Apple peels, pear, a touch of smoke.

Palate: Malty. Walnuts steeped in manuka honey with vanilla sponge. Gentle smoke weaves its way through the cereal with a touch of spice.

Finish: Long, malty, walnut, almond.

Edradour Barolo Cask matured, Batch no. 5  46% alc. 

Highland Scotch single malt whisky from Edradour, distilled in April 2006 and bottled in September 2015 as the fifth batch from ex-Barolo wine hogsheads.

Nose: Mulled cider, red fruits and oak spice.

Palate: Rich fresh fruit, nutty malt and cracked black pepper.

Finish: Medium and sweet.

Highland Park 12 years old, viking honourmatured, 40% alc. 

Highland Park 12 Year Old remains one of the gold- standard malts for other distillery bottlings to aspire to. With a delicious sweetness (heather-honey is their preferred description) and a warming, silky mouthfeel, this is a whisky that never lets you down.

Tasting Notes:

Natural colour, heather honey sweetness; rich fruit cake; aromatic smoky peat.

loch lomond matured, 14 years old, 46% alc. vol. 

Loch Lomond 14 years old peated single malt whisky was distilled and aged in the Scottish Highlands by a family company using knowledge acquired in the last 190 years.

Loch Lomond 14 years old peated single malt was carefully distilled at Loch Lomond Distillery in traditional copper stills, from malted barley dried over a peat fire, and then was filled into oak casks and aged in the warehouse on the banks of Loch Lomond.


Taste: Peat and vegetables.
Aftertaste: prolonged peat and vanilla.

glen garish 14 years old 40% alc. vol.

Glen Garioch Distillery is situated in the Aberdeenshire village of Old Meldrum in the Scottish Highlands. Established in 1797, Glen Garioch produces a whisky which will charm any palate with its sweet, malty and floral character.


Tasting notes: A rich golden honey colour with a balanced medium body. Sweet & spicy with a subtle hint of vanilla, tones of fresh oak and ripe fruit. An enjoyable, refreshing finish.

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