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Murray McDavid Benrinnes
28 year old
murray mcdcvid benrinnes
28 years old 50.4% alc. vol.

Ben Rinnes Mountain towers majestically over the Benrinnes Distillery and the spirit that flows from its stills equally as impressive. In this bottle, we are presenting spirit that was distilled two and a half times. The effect was to create an opulent 28 year old whisky which is perfected by putting it into a fresh Oloroso sherry cask for a year and a half before bottling.


Nose: dry fruits, rich sultanas, zesty lemon


Palate: rich Christmas cake, molasses


Finish: crisp freshness


The maturation journey from an ex-bourbon hogshead, through a sherry cask, and finally into a bottle captures the soul of the mountain that gives this excellent dram its name.


Single cask Bottling, one of 241

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