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Langatun Distillery AG

Eyhalde 10

4912 Aarwangen


Telefon: +41 79 251 09 99
Fax: +41 62 922 22 01

avo jazz session 1st. edition
44% alc. vol..

This Swiss Single Malt Whisky was created by Langatun distillery for their first AVO - LANGATUN jazz session.


Three Wood: Sherry, Chardonnay & Chateauneuf Du Pape. The Langatun AVO Jazz Single Malt Whisky shows a complex harmony, the characters of the three selected barrel types are fully effective; the fruitiness and freshness of the Chardonnay barrel, the wide range and spiciness of the sherry barrel and the sweetness of the Chateauneuf du Pape barrel. A true Cigar Malt.


Tasting Notes

Color: amber

Flavor: a touch of wine fruit, Notes of toffee and a pronounced Sherryton.

Finish: the sweetness of caramel, sherry and mocha, as well as grapes and a hint of milk chocolate.

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