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Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Distillery Bottling

70cl / 57.3%


An advance of seven years on 2018's Special Releases Talisker, this is a big, sooty, earthy single malt run-through with lashings of ripe citrus and treacle sponge, and plenty of warming spice. Plenty of heft and darkness to be found here, alongside classic, coastal Talisker character for purists to revel in.


  • Nose

    Fields of damp ferns, sea-splashed rocks and smoky dark sugar. Treacle-toffee notes hide at the back, with hints of liquorice and creosote. Splintered fence notes build, restrained by stewed apple and tarte tatin. Soft spice develops along with fruity jelly.

  • Palate

    Earthy and mulchy to start – piles of damp autumn leaves. The darker notes from the nose remain but are joined by sweet chocolate sauce and liquorice. Leafy notes become sweeter, with herbal notes developing. Sweet fruit sponge drops in from above but darkens to become dark fruit cake with a handful of chocolate chips.

  • Finish

    Rich fruit and buttery pastry. Hints of mint and earthiness linger.

  • Comment

    Does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a Talisker, and it’s deeper and spicier than usual. It may have lost its sea-salt and black-pepper trademark character, but it’s still got a touch of shoreline in with a whack of tasty darkness.

Talisker 2002 15 Year Old Special Releases 2019

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