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The Overaged Malt Whiskey is a classic from Michel Couvreur, but it is still no ordinary whiskey, because it is distilled in Scotland, but mixed and matured in the cellars of the Maison Couvreur in Bouze-lès-Beaune, Burgundy. The bottling always consists of a Vatting whiskey of different ages. The youngest is 12 years old, while the oldest are stored in oak barrels for up to 27 years. Classically matured in sherry barrels in the rock cellar in Burgundy, the nose unfolds with a fine smoky note - not as lush as a classic Islay malt, but clearly noticeable.


Tasting notes:

Bacon notes, paired with salt and iodine, as well as leather and tobacco are ensnared by a distinctly green apple note. With the exception of the apple, all the aromas of the nose can also be found on the palate and are embedded in a pleasant malt sweetness. Medium-length and slightly warming finish.


Match with:

pure, on ice, with or without a cigar.

Overaged Malt Whisky, Michel Couvreur 700ml 43% alc. vol.

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